Who are these eLearning programs for?

Organizations who want their people to negotiate complex contracts with nuance, accuracy and confidence.

If your organization hires for potential and train for skills, these are the ideal programs for your organization, or for you personally. Both buy-side and sell-side teams who negotiate complex, strategic customer/supplier relationships such as performance and outcome-based agreements will benefit from these eLearning programs.

Many organizations face one problem—insufficient skills to effectively and efficiently negotiate and document complicated customer/supplier relationships. As contractual complexity increases and top talent retires, organizations find themselves with team members who desperately need contract specific training and deal specific coaching.

These programs are perfect if you or your team:

  • Have a limited training budget,
  • Want to train a limited number of people who develop, negotiate and manage performance- and outcome-based contracts,
  • Have one or two new people to your organization, or new to performance- or outcome-based contracting,
  • Would prefer a self-paced competency driven training program, and
  • Would like coaching for yourself or your team.

For more specific information to tailor these programs for your team then let’s set up a time to talk.

Jeanette Nyden: jn@jnyden.com | 206-240-7678 

“I really appreciate your efforts to build my team’s skills. We knew there was a skills gap, and having you assess the team and train to the gap has made a big difference.” A.R. CPO, global manufacturer