About Jeanette Nyden


Commercial Contracting Expert

Since 2003, I’ve been helping contract professionals master the contracting life-cycle from drafting and negotiation to contract management by providing a range of online and in-person training programs. I have a valuable skill set that most organizations desperately need. I am a lawyer who understands business operation needs to form a high performing customer/supplier relationship, and a business consultant who understands the legal terms and conditions.  I’ve personally been involved in deals as small as a preferred vendor agreement for a privately held manufacturer and as large as re-negotiating two outsourcing deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars each.

I am a recognized expert in the contracting field having authored and/or co-authored four books:

1) Getting to We: Negotiating Agreements for Highly Collaborative Relationships (Nyden/Vitasek/Frydlinger)

"Getting to We is a must read for anyone needing to create strategic or long-term relationships. Readers will find a clear, well-researched step-by-step approach and invaluable tools for developing fair and sustainable relationships." - George T. Nierenberg, President, The Negotiation Institute

2) Negotiation Rules! A Practical Approach to Big Deal Negotiations (Nyden)

“Jeanette Nyden has succinctly set forth the most important lesson in the art of the negotiation for busy professionals who seek increased confidence and improved skills at the bargaining table. This book distills the essence of an entire library of negotiation tips in one practical and readable package. T. Noble Foster, Associate Professor of Business Law, Albers School of Business & Economics Seattle University

3) The Vested Outsourcing Manual: A Guide for Creating Successful Business and Outsourcing Relationships (Vitasek/Crawford/Nyden/Kawamoto)

"The journey to a truly collaborative agreement is practically guaranteed if you follow the step-by-step process outlined in this great book." - Dawn Tiura Evans, President and CEO, Sourcing Industry Group

Notable white papers include: 

She was an adjunct professor at Seattle University and taught courses at the University of Tennessee’s Center for Executive Education. She earned her Juris Doctorate from Southern Illinois University and for a number of years practiced in both Illinois and Washington state. Jeanette is currently licensed in Washington state and teaches negotiation ethics courses for the Washington State Bar Association.

To access a multitude of free resources all aimed at enhancing the contract professional’s skills, visit www.jnyden.com. To link to Jeanette visit LinkedIn. Her Amazon author page. 

Jeanette can be reached at 206-723-3472 or jn@jnyden.com

“Your help was extremely valuable to our negotiation process. You coached us on and through a process that we were not familiar with and helped establish credibility with our customer. You gave us confidence that we could deal with them on even terms. Because you helped us to be prepared, there’s no doubt that we got the best deal for our company.” M.C., CEO, software company

I have worked with organizations such as PG&E, Esterline, KLX, TD Bank, CIBC Bank, Brookfield Johnson Controls, CH2MHill, T-Mobile, Jones Lang LaSalle, and Microsoft. I also was an adjunct professor at Seattle University and have taught courses at the University of Tennessee’s Center for Executive Education.

About Lawrence A. Kane


Lawrence was inducted into the SIG Sourcing Supernova Hall of Fame in 2018 for inspiring, insightful, and innovative work over the course of his career. Currently responsible for Strategic Sourcing Functional Excellence, he institutionalized best practices and created innovations that were instrumental to his organization earning the prestigious Global Excellence in Outsourcing award from the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). See University of Tennessee whitepaper for more information about how he did that.

A member of the SIG University Advisory Board, IAOP Training & Certification Committee, and IAOP Think Tank, he helped create many of the industry’s leading practices and regularly advances thought leadership in strategic sourcing, procurement, supplier innovation, and digital transformation at industry conferences. He is a contributing author to the Outsourcing Professional Body of Knowledge (OPBOK), Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy, and Unpacking Collaborative Bidding, among other works and has co-published whitepapers on defining and managing an optimal sourcing mix, contract renegotiation, and strategic use of benchmarking, primarily with ISG.


Over the last two decades he has saved his company more than $2.9B by architecting sourcing strategies, designing full sourcing lifecycle management processes and tools, developing future leaders, conducting procurements, negotiating with suppliers, and benchmarking resultant contracts. He is also the bestselling author of 17 books (see Amazon page for his bibliography). You can connect with him on LinkedIn.