Nyden on Negotiation 

Nyden on Negotiation upskills non-lawyers to negotiate fair, balanced, and risk-free agreements. We provide turn-key and tailored eLearning programs to both sales and procurement professionals.

You hire for potential, I train the skills to negotiate complex commercial contracts with nuance, accuracy and confidence!

  • Jeanette Nyden

    “I love speaking/working with you because of your ability to simplify and explain a complex situation with relatable descriptions. You keep my pencil sharp.”

    Supervisor, Procurement

  • Jeanette Nyden

    “I really appreciate your efforts to build my team’s skills. We knew there was a skills gap, and having you assess the team and train to the gap has made a big difference.”

    CPO, global manufacturer

  • Jeanette Nyden

    “I loved your training and have implemented some aspects into my work already. Thanks again! ”

    Sales, Pandora

  • Jeanette Nyden

    “Now, I will be able to provide better information to the legal department and help speed up the (contract) review process when the supplier has changes or exceptions to the standard terms. I am a better partner to the business and to legal.”

    Contract Specialist, Public Utility

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Our programs will help non-lawyers find and fix hidden risks and improve value along the Contract Life Cycle


Contract Life Cycle

Nyden on Negotiation works with:

  • Buy-side and sell-side contract negotiators—both teams and individual contract negotiators
  • Non-lawyer contract professionals and their managers
  • Contract administrators
  • Procurement professionals
  • Account executives/representatives
  • Category leads
  • Global sourcing and outsourcing professionals
  • Vendor/supplier/customer professionals
  • Technical SMEs who negotiate contracts

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