The Contract Professional’s Master Class + Role Play

12 Hours of Coaching with Jeanette

For Procurement Professionals

Experiential Training & Strategic Advisory

Don’t get outsourced to AI. Learn to master challenging performance- and outcome-based contracts today. Armed with a comprehensive toolkit, expert coaching with Jeanette, and answers to FAQs you will have the confidence and skills to steer your next complex negotiation from start to finish.

 This online master class trains non-lawyers to negotiate complex commercial contracts with nuance, accuracy, & confidence to reach agreements that are fair, balanced, and risk-free. We focus on the entire contract life-cycle from pre-award to negotiations and award, and then post-award relationship management.

This competency-based, on-line, self-paced program answers 12 “How do I” questions to enhance commercial contracting skills to draft, negotiate and manage performance- and outcome-based contracts. 

The master class includes:

  • 12-month access to the training course and pre-recorded Q&A
  • 12 hours of live coaching over 12 months used how and when you want to, including the opportunity to role play with Jeanette 
  • 25 tools, such as checklists and spreadsheets, delivered in Pdf format
  • A copy of The Contract Professional’s Playbook delivered in Pdf format
  • Pre-training and post-training negotiation skills assessment
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