The CPP eLearning Program

Without Coaching

For Procurement Professionals

18 Hours of Turn-Key Online Training 

Don’t get outsourced to AI. Learn to master challenging performance- and outcome-based contracts today. You will have the confidence and skills to steer your next complex negotiation from start to finish.

This online master class trains non-lawyers to negotiate complex commercial contracts with nuance, accuracy, & confidence to reach agreements that are fair, balanced, and risk-free. We focus on the entire contract life-cycle from pre-award to negotiations and award, and then post-award relationship management.

Co-developed by Jeanette Nyden and sourcing and procurement expert Lawrence A. Kane, this master class is based on the award-winning book, The Contract Professional’s Playbook: The Definitive Guide to Maximizing Value Through Mastery of Performance- and Outcome-based Contracting.

This competency-based, on-line, self-paced program answers 12 “How do I” questions to enhance commercial contracting skills to draft, negotiate and manage performance- and outcome-based contracts. 

You will get in this program:

  • 12 pre-recorded training videos/webinars covering all 18 chapters of The Contract Professional's Playbook,
  • 12 pre-recorded Q&A sessions answering the most common contracting questions, 
  • 25+ tools such as checklists and spreadsheets in pdf format, and
  • The Contract Professional's Playbook in PDF format.

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