The Contract Professional’s Playbook eLearning Program

Teaching Contract Professionals to Master the Skills to Successfully Develop, Negotiate and Manage Performance- and Outcome-Based Relationships

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You hire for potential; let me train for skills.

A web-based, self paced How do I learning program 

This eLearning program is a web-based, self-paced program enhancing critical contracting competencies to master performance- and outcome-based contracts. The 12-week program methodically answers 12 How do I” questions. This program is designed for both buy and sell-side professionals.


The Average Participant


We have based this program on 25+ years of real contracting experience and we developed a program to enhance the skill-set for those on both the buyer side and seller side of the contract. You are able to come away from this course with the tools you need to draft better contracts, close bigger deals and leverage a more favorable position for your company.

By learning and understanding BOTH sides of the contract you are able to anticipate questions, roadblocks and resolve issues faster for both sides of the table.


The Contract Professional’s Playbook eLearning and coaching sessions are not theoretical.

There is substantial research to support best practices. On-line coaching sessions gives you access to group discussions, offers one-on-one partner role-playing, and real-time review of individual drafting exercises. This will give you insights to better understanding of what your company and clients want and need for mutually satisfied business relationships.

If you are interested in coaching session click here.

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Get the skills YOU need to stay ahead of the ever changing world of contract negotiations and management. Learn new techniques and have the tools to be an effective contract professional.


The Entire Contract Life Cycle

The Contract Professional’s Playbook and eLearning Program focuses on the entire contract life-cycle from planning to contract signing and then to management. By attending training as a team, people can learn tips and tricks from colleagues to quickly prepare for and address scenarios common to your organization.

Contract Life Cycle

This program is perfect if you or your team:

  • Have a limited training budget,
  • Want to train a limited number of people who develop, negotiate and manage performance and outcome-based contracts,
  • Have one or two new people to your organization, or new to performance or outcome-based contracting, or
  • Would prefer a self-paced competency driven training program.


If your organization hires for potential and trains for skills, this program is perfect.

Enhancing the skill set of contract professionals is your organization’s solution to better performance- and outcome-based agreements. (Contract professionals go by many titles: contract negotiators, contract administrators, contract managers, account managers, vendor/supplier/customer managers, and technical SMEs.)
  • Jeanette Nyden

    “I really appreciate your efforts to build my team’s skills. We knew there was a skills gap, and having you assess the team and train to the gap has made a big difference.”

    CPO, global manufacturer

  • Jeanette Nyden

    “I loved your training and have implemented some aspects into my work already. Thanks again! ”

    Sales, Pandora

  • Jeanette Nyden

    “Now, I will be able to provide better information to the legal department and help speed up the (contract) review process when the supplier has changes or exceptions to the standard terms. I am a better partner to the business and to legal.”

    Contract Specialist, Public Utility

You NEED this course!

The program offers 12 targeted training videos/webinars, 12 Chat sessions between Lawrence and Jeanette, 25+ tools such as checklists and spreadsheets in pdf format, and The Contract Professional’s Playbook.


The 12 “How Do I Questions” 

This web-based 12-week program answers these questions one by one.

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  • Week 1: How do I increase my influence with stakeholders and manage power plays?
  • Week 2: How do I choose/respond to the sourcing/acquisition approach and contract type?
  • Week 3: How do I write/revise/respond to requirements (SOW and Performance Metrics)?
  • Week 4: How do I choose the right pricing mechanisms (i.e. fixed fee, cost pass through etc.). And, how do I prepare to effectively negotiation price?
  • Week 5: How do I identify, analyze and document risk?


  • Week 6: How do I master price negotiations to preserve value? And, how do I effectively make tradeoffs in complex negotiations?
  • Week 7: How do I increase my influence with my negotiation counterpart? And, how do I effectively use my leverage?
  • Week 8: How do I use and manage tactics? And, how do I effectively develop a negotiation strategy?
  • Week 9: How do I efficiently and effectively redline a complex contract and take issues to stakeholders for approval?


  • Week 10: How do I effectively monitor, manage and govern a complex relationship? And, how do I insert a change control process to into the contract?
  • Week 11: How do I more effectively resolve disputes?
  • Week 12: The end: How do I track lessons learned, terminate a relationship early and develop an orderly exit plan?

Open Enrollment (Start Anytime!)

The eLearning program open enrollment. Once you have registered you will receive your first week’s training video/webinar, corresponding tool, corresponding The Contract Professional’s Playbook chapter.

Are you ready to sign up for the course? The 12-week program now has open enrollment, click the box below to register. For teams of 10 or more contact Jeanette Nyden to receive a group discount and to register your team for the program. Email Jeanette or call at 206-723-3472